Is your brand TikTok-ing?

The last few months when the world was either in complete or partial lockdown a new social media trend was making way — TikTok videos. Homebound for days, with few means of entertainment, videos of families singing, dancing and performing ‘challenges’ flooded social media. An App that originally largely appealed

Re-Energising a Classic Logo

The US government’s wider overhaul of Federal Agency graphics saw the replacement of NASA’s meatball logo, one of the world’s most powerful symbolic logos, with the iconic NASA wordmark logo — a wordmark that originated over 45 years ago. A brave decision by NASA driven by the vision to change

Memorable brand experiences through beautiful retail spaces

Memorable Brand Experiences through Beautiful Retail Spaces

In today’s saturated markets, the process and methodology through which we communicate brands requires constant innovation and evolvement, methods of reaching out to consumers are required to make the brands stand out and communicate effectively. Retail brands have taken efforts and investments in building environments and spaces that inspire and encourage pleasant customer experiences.

star wars middle east film & comic con

Middle East Film & Comic Con

You can be the CEO of a big corporation, a chairman, a fighter or a policeman, but the one thing you probably have in common (particularly, if you grew up in the 80s) is the love for Superman, Batman, Captain America and Marvel massive big books.

what hosting the IPL signifies for brand Dubai

What hosting the IPL signifies for brand ‘Dubai’

Just 10 days away, the Pepsi IPL has created much anticipated frenzy, excitement and buzz in the UAE. For those unfamiliar with this event, IPL refers to the “Indian Premier League” and is a professional league for men’s Twenty20 cricket club. Although only Indian clubs compete at this annual event, each team boasts international cricketers from around the world; making it one the most-watched cricket events in the world! In fact, in 2010, the IPL matches were the first sporting event to be broadcasted on YouTube around the world.

 Not a surprise then that the UAE, more particularly Dubai, is hosting the first half of this coveted event.

branding & the FMCG industry

Branding & the FMCG Industry Today

“I don’t eat anything that isn’t grown organically” – how often have we heard this statement in our social circles? The fact of the matter is that increasing number of people are health conscious today, and while this means more people living in their gyms, it also means more people being mindful of their eating habits.

An up rise in this trend poses quite a significant challenge for global food companies that more often than not sell products that aren’t necessarily healthy. In the face of these challenges, marketers are relying increasingly on branding to differentiate their products.

Savvy Social Media & Fashion Brands

UntitledOver the past few years, social media has moved fast and has taken its hold in the world of business. Retail brands, in particular, are testing and learning how to increase their online presence and make their brand strategies work on social media platforms. American luxury leather goods company, Coach, is one brand that has managed to master Social Media. For instance, catering to its new market, China, Coach developed a campaign on WeChat titled “Win Gifts on Horseback”, which is also a Chinese pun meaning ‘win gifts immediately’. (WeChat  is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed in  China, first released in January 2011). The campaign comprises of three parts: draw for winning a handbag, a New Year’s wallpaper download, and a red envelope with a gift card and coupon lottery.

Celebrity Brands

Celebrity Brands

Just last week, Justin Timberlake released a teaser video with hashtag #JTUAE, that created a stir on social media; frenzied JT loyalists and fans took to Twitter and Facebook with the hopes of finding out if their beloved artist would be performing in the UAE as a part of his upcoming World Tour.