Repositioning a Distribution House to a Lifestyle Brand


Early into the brand audit a key differentiator became apparent – a ‘family enterprise’ ethos steers Nia. Set in place by the founder, the ideals of ‘care’, ‘consistency’ and ‘commitment’ guided employees in their every interaction with each other, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Brand workshop and interviews reaffirmed these ideals and business ethos, leading us to a key insight: Nia is committed to enhancing living. Be it their carefully curated portfolio of high- quality brands, their customer relationships and sales services, their efforts towards becoming a sustainable business, Nia’s every action is guided by the principle of serving people and the wider community.

Building on these findings we developed Nia’s strategic platform that highlights Nia’s continuous endeavour in ‘Making Life Better Every Day’. Nia understands that quality of life is never to be overlooked, which is why with its selection of high-quality living and well-being products and its innovative HVAC solutions Nia is focussed on enriching lives every day.

Accompanying the brand strategy, we created a robust brand architecture that articulates Nia’s different business verticals. Most importantly, the brand architecture serves as a tool to manage growth as and when new brands and products are added to the Nia portfolio.

Creative Solution

For Nia’s new visual identity, we wanted to create a logotype that symbolises Life; particularly, symbolises air and water as in addition to these two elements being vital to life, they also poetically give a nod to Nia’s foundational product line of HVAC.

Resultantly Nia’s logotype illustrates life, flow, and vitality. Put simply, it conveys Nia’s promise of a fulfilling, enriched and comfortable living that’s made possible with its exceptional products. Made up of a crafted roundel brandmark and a unique wordmark, Nia’s logotype reinforces the brand’s commitment to the HVAC, living and well-being space.

Supporting the logotype are upbeat yet tranquil brand colours that reiterate a feeling of life, living, well-being and comfort, whilst also conveying trust and dependability in Nia.

With its modern, human, and simple approach Nia’s logotype reassures in a firm yet friendly way. It is strong, empowering, and legible and in time will act as a mnemonic devise that signifies Nia’s spirit and energy.


The telemedicine operation and brand was launched in 2014. The new strategy, positioning and identity system successfully  built awareness for the new brand and was rolled out on marketing touch-points such as advertising, PR, digital and environments. ADTC has grown to be a well-established and trusted healthcare brand in the UAE that is swiftly gaining a strong presence in the market.

Project Summary

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Interviews
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Tone of Voice
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Communications Suite
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Guidelines