The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

An achievement book created to celebrate and inspire


The intent of the idea was to inspire and motivate the readers, built around the story and journey behind MOCA’s accomplishments. It brought to life the passion, strength, energy and collaborative efforts of teams working together to achieve the successful programs, incentives and accomplishments carried out by the United Arab Emirates Government.

Creative Solution

The creative idea captured the core concept of hard work, passion, strength and energy of the teams and reflects the Arabic origins of MOCA.

The crucial design feature developed in the book comprised of layers of Arabic calligraphy that form an artistic and very striking design pattern. The layering of the calligraphy is meant to reflect the in-depth thinking, energy of the teams, initiatives and actions that drove MOCA’s success. The Arabic words and lines in the calligraphic pattern are content from the achievement book, comprising of values, actions and information about the programme. Hues and tones of different gold were used to symbolize wisdom, prosperity and positive change for the communities.

The book has a contemporary design style combined with striking Arabic calligraphy patterns, which reflects modernity and progressiveness.

Project Summary

  • Brand Expression
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Development & Design
  • Typography
  • Visual Tone of Voice
  • Brand Book