James in action in Doha

James in action – in Doha

What an action-packed week we had at James last week. In Doha, for a lifestyle photo shoot, 2 weeks of hard-core studio planning finally unraveled on location.

Corporate identity matters especially on banknotes

Corporate Identity matters – especially on banknotes.

Banknotes are the pride of a nation, a sign of wealth and prosperity, a subtle branding device and maybe even a nation-building tool. And like everything else that  emerges from a creative design and production process, the big picture is one thing, getting the small detail right is another.

M for Melbourne

“M” for Melbourne!

 How much does the right brandmark do for you? A lot, we’d say.

Surrounded by hundreds of “designs” nowadays, there are only a few that manage to leave an impression – one, in recent times, being the logo of the city of Melbourne.

it's a flying kangaroo

It’s a Flying Kangaroo!

Gulf Ozzies (yes there is such an animal) are getting more and more excited by the day about the imminent arrival of more flying Kangaroos in Dubai.

The first Qantas A380 limped into Dubai with an engine problem 2 years ago. Now they’re about to migrate en masse from Singapore to Qantas’ new Dubai hub.

dubai we love its name

Dubai. We love its name!


The vibrant, modern, progressive, business-centric city has a warm, soothing sound to its name that reflects its origins as a small fishing and trading village but which now resonates so well with grandeur, sparkling skyscrapers, modernity, ambition and opportunity.

Art Night, Dubai

Art and culture enthusiasts in Dubai attended Art Night for the fourth time this year at the ever-popular Gate Village in DIFC. Like its past seasons, the event this time too successfully showcased some of the best works in art and mixed media.